Trophy Nissan in Mesquite, Texas - SOLD ME A LEMON

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Absolutely DO NOT recommend this place.

Sold me a car that could have broken down on me. They sold me a 2010 Dodge Caliber that had a messed up motor that was leaking oil & the right side reverse light was out.

They tried to cover it up 2 weeks after I got the car that all of a sudden the bank said my parents didn't qualify & they said they had to keep the car.

Yeah right, you *** sold me a bad car & you're trying to cover it up. You're all crooked & you haven't heard the last of me (:

Trophy Nissan in Dallas, Texas - Customer Service - NIL

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Took car in on a Saturday without an "appointment" and was told by "Carl" I would be called on Monday with what was wrong. 6:00 Monday, I'm doing the calling and am told by "Carl" my car would be ready mid-morning on Tuesday and he would call and let me know.

5:00 and 6:00 Tuesday evening I am again calling and speak to NO ONE even though a "priority message" was supplied to one of their customer service engineers. (JOKE-there is no customer service) After five (5) phone calls, two of which their customer service personnel hung up on me after I stated I would not get off the phone until I talked to someone who could tell me about my vehicle. (Thanks Joshua and Stanley for the disconnect.) Isaac told me he would forward my information to "Carl's" supervisor and I should hear from him shortly after 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

True to Isaac's word, Carl did call to tell my husband my car would be ready today (Wednesday) and he would call when it was ready. It's after 9:00, still no call and STILL NO VEHICLE. If you are planning on purchasing a new vehicle and want a place that will provide customer service, Trophy Nissan is NOT THE PLACE!

THINK and MAKE A BETTER CHOICE IN CHOOSING YOUR DEALERSHIPS...once again, I am sorely disappointed with the personnel. FROM #1 to ZERO IN CUSTOMER SERVICE--BUYER BEWARE!!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.


Dallas, Texas, United States #709605

Thursday came and, once again, I had to call to find out the status of my vehicle. "Carl" no longer works at this customer service center and though I'd like to say Carl is to blame, that is absolutely NOT the case.

From the individuals who answer the phone and hung up on me when requesting to speak to anyone who could verify the status of my vehicle, to finally finding out the status of my vehicle...CUSTOMER SERVICE was NOT PRESENT! BEWARE of this dealership if you want real service...they are only in the business to sell vehicles!

Trophy Nissan in Mesquite, Texas - Bought (We Thought) A new car and asked to bring it back!

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Update by user Aug 02, 2013

The car was returned and my son went to a diffrent dealership and bought a new car on his own... Was financed on his own and now is driving a nice car from a great dealership!!!!

Original review posted by user Jul 02, 2013

Hello, My son bought a brand new car from this dealership,after signing all the paperwork and driving off in his new car, he received a phone call saying to bring the car back, that the financing did not go thru!!! But it took him a week for them to find financing for this car, I told him to just make them wait until they had the financing done.

Which he did, it took them 5 days, with us co-signing..(Which I just bought 2 brand new cars with no money down) Which means I have very good credit! I told him not to take the car back, to put it in his garage.. Until we get it worked out, since the dealership (Bryan Smith) said they were going to repo it!!! A dealership should NEVER let a car go off the lot without financing!!!

This is a fraud!!! Called the Yo-Yo deal!!! I have contacted a lawyer.. And will deal with this dealership where it hurts them and that's the pocket book!!!

If all else fails.. I will send a letter to the newspapers..

the local radio station.. and TV stations, and see how they would like the negative advertisement!!!


Another bored little MOMMY that has to handle her babies business and stick her big fat nose where it dont belong!!! Get a life lady and let your little BOY GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:eek :eek :eek :eek :x :x :x :x :x :x If your not Mommy the same applies to you DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin
to Anonymous League City, Texas, United States #692002

NO I am not a little mommy trying to handle her son's problems!!! I did not stick my nose into it...

they contacted me wanting me to co-sign for him... AFTER they had already gave him the car and told him he was already financed!!! So who ever you are... get a life!!!

you dont know me at all... you probably work for the dealership!!!

And to Everyone else!!! My son took the car back and gave them the keys and went somewhere else and bought a car and was financed on his OWN!!!!

Trophy Nissan in Dallas, Texas - Charging for something they did not do.

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I went to throphy nissan because of the customer appreciation event. I got a "free" oil change. After they were done, i notice on the receipt that they were charging for the filter and the oil. Of course, being free i payed nothing.

I open the hood, and i noticed, that the filter was not changed. How do i know that? Well, i bought my car there, very expensive, and with a pretty bad customer service(i can tell now, after buying two more cars somewhere else), and after buying the car i went religiously for every single service on my car. But, at some point, i notice that they were not changing even the oil. So i draw some line over the filter, included my signature, with a indelible marker. After the service was done, i found that the filter was the same. Even though i was charged for it. The Cory Prevost was so rude, that i just throw the money and left. After doing the math(includes motor head cleaning, breaks, transmission flush, etc) i lost more than 1500 with them!

Since then, i just wonder, how many people are charged for filters? oil? services that they dont really do?

If you can, go some where else, and make sure that they do what they are supposed to do. (smell the oil, check the filter, etc).

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Trophy Nissan in Dallas, Texas - Deceptive practice

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I bought a 2012 Nissan Maxima, the sales person and I agreed on a deal for $450.00 a month for 72 months. When I went to finance to sign papers on the car it changed.

The finance person added 3 months and made it a total of 75 months. Of course I didn't notice it at the time I signed the paperwork. I felt like Trophy Nissan was a reputable company. Apparently not.

I was ripped off and the manager acted as if this was common practice for this dealership. I will hire an attorney and sue the dealership. Horrible overall experience.

Do yourself a favor and shop somewhere else.

Monetary Loss: $1350.


You have no grounds to sue them *** just because you were TOO *** TO READ THE CONTRACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin
to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #647245

The site can't hurt me but apparently people read it. You must be one of the useless used car salesman that can't find a real job.

Too *** to do anything else.

Trophy Nissan - My "New" Car Turns Out to Be Not So New

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I went there and bought what I was told was a NEW car in November. I just got a bill from the toll road authority for charges in October - a month before I bought my "not so new" car.

If my car is indeed new, what it is doing on the other side of town, going down the Dallas North Tollway a month before I bought it????? It's on the completely other side of Dallas from the dealership. WTF? How is that even possible?

It gets driven all over Dallas, but its still magically new. Are you kidding me?


Monetary Loss: $16000.



Seems to me you have a right to return your car for a complete refund.

Trophy Nissan in Dallas, Texas - Nissan Armada Certified preowned BS!!

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I purchased a 2010 Nissan Armada that was a certified preowned From Trophy Nissan in Mesquite. Let me say for the record that the salesperson Cordell White was very friendly and professional and assisted us as much as possible with the terms of the sale.

my complaint is not with him, it's with the other individuals that my wife and I have had the pleasure to deal with. When we were ready to purchase, the Nissan Sales Manager touted the extended 84 mo warranty and their alleged "certified preowned inspection process. I know I shouldn't have taken their word on the "certified" part, and inspected the vehicle thoroughly on the premises but I thought I was dealing with people of integrity. Got home and found the spare tire missing.

I live in Irving, but drove over to the dealership the following weekend to discuss. After much delay in trying to find help from anyone, I approached Cordell White my salesperson, who in turn went into another room to discuss with a manger I presume. After some time, Cordell came out and I assisted him with pulling a spare from another vehicle and was sent me on my way. A week later, we found that the rear glass latch was broken and we could not open it.

I also noticed that the rear passenger light did not come on, but thought it was a lamp so I did not pay attention and thought that since I have the extended warranty with no deductible, this would surely be fixed when I took it to our local dealership in Irving. 2 weeks later I take my vehicle to Bankston Nissan in Irving to look at an alignment issue and found that this vehicle had a National safety recall from June 2010 for suspension links that had not been performed by Trophy or anyone else. The pre owned sales manager can't tell me that after I paid over 900 dollars for this "certification" that they made any effort to check even the most basic things before selling me the certification and the vehicle. And to make matters a little more frustrating, the lamp that I thought was burned out is actually broken and it would not be covered under warranty.

At the recommendation of Bankston Service Advisor, we called Trophy and asked to speak to the General Sales Manager. We were turned over to an Eric Shumaker who sounded alot like the "sales manager" we were introduced to when we didn't initially agree on the price of the Armada. He immediately went on the defensive and asked us why it took a month to find the brolen light and that I could either drive all the way over to Mesquite and they would fix it or I could pay the $60.00 retail and they would reimburse me with a check. His reasoning behind this decision was that Bankston was not in their "group".

Whatever happened to customer satisfaction and the desire to achieve that?, I'm not asking for the moon, I'm just asking for the vehicle to measure up to what they sold me as "certified". All I wanted was Eric Shumaker to do the right thing (he was the Manager we recieved when asked to speak to the General Sales Manager and all I got from him was a defensive condescending attitude about why did it take me a month to find the light. Honestly? I really thought it was a lamp and having the extended warranty would take care of that.

Never mind about not having a spare tire when sold, or the back window not being able to open, nor the alignment issue which was mentioned at the time of sale along with the tread wear on the tires and being told that the inspection would have found the tire issue and alignment and fixed them if it didn't meet "standard".

I'd like to know if this is Eric's idea of a certified vehicle and how would you feel if you'd brought yourself down and I sold you the same?

I don't know if I have any further recourse, but at the very least I will relate my experience to anyone who'll listen and who might be considering Trophy Nissan to visit.

Trophy Nissan in Killeen, Texas - This is on Trophy-the car is a lemon, have had nothing but trouble with car since purchased.


the dash falling,window motors had to be replace. door panel fixed, tire censor,piece falling off of front of car.

Now in there for 2 mos. for flood damage, talked to disrespetful. told one thing and next week, change story, and now saying not on there at all. Had consumer affairs look up vin # and was told the car was epuiped with ABS from factory.this car was purchased by my mother who is 75 yrs.


she became scared of car and gave to me(daugher) and took her old car back. Please feel free to call me at 903-262-0002

Dana Monk

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